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We’ve had Suzanne from Hamilton Fempreneurs who also runs The Generator,  approach us to write a piece on us. We were more than happy to meet her and chat.

The result was an article that was able to get our mission across so well even to the final statement, “One thing is clear, a lot of good will come out of this cat cafe, and Nicole is going to make sure of it. ”

Be sure to check out the article.

If you would like to collaborate or chat with us for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us through our email or social media.

4 thoughts on “The Generator”

  1. Cat hair tends to fly in the air and my concern would be having in my coffee and any other product you might sell. It would be a huge turn off for me and I wouldn’t go back.
    Also having a number of cats, there will be allot of hair. Have you considered this?
    Don’t get me wrong I love cats but I would just hate to see you start a business and it didn’t fly

    1. Thank you for your concern as it is a valid one. If you have been to other cat cafes or the two dog cafes in Hamilton, the food preparation area is completely separate from the animal area. For permits and licenses, health regulations wouldn’t allow for anything less than that, this is also why one of the dog cafes actually had to wait a while for their permits to allow animals in their facility. To help this process even more, we are getting our food catered into our cafe, aside from the fact that the cafe will be completely separate from the cat side. We also will be vacuuming and dusting to reduce cat hair in the cat cafe as much as possible. Once you purchase our snacks and beverages, you can feel free to take them to cat side to enjoy with the company of the cats. But there will be no cats in the cafe side where we will prepare and store our food or beverages.

    2. As a true cat lover, I understand that cat hair gets in my food and I don’t care! I’ve probably eaten tons of hair over my lifetime and I’m fine. If you’re so worried about the cat hair clearly you aren’t a cat person and perhaps this place isn’t for you. I’m very excited for this cat cafe to open! Give me all the cat hair!

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